Happy Healing Store is spreading false information

On the internet, you can find various information regarding Fenbendazole and our company, Sanare Lab LTD. Every company has satisfied customers as well as dissatisfied ones, and every company has competitors who spread fake and false information because they cannot compete in terms of price and product quality. For instance, the Happy Healing store company believes that by mastering the skill of using Photoshop, you can increase your sales, but this is not true. As Winston Churchill said, "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.»


1. It’s worth starting with the fact that our company contacted Spectrix Analytical Services in August 2022 to test our sample from a batch of fenbendazole. In September 2022, we received an analytical report from Spectrix Analytical Services stating that the sample we provided had a purity of 99.49%, which gave its conclusion;

2. In July 2022, Happy Healing Store, a company that offers advertising services for a fee, posted an advertisement on https://www.cancerthinker.com/research/infamous-happy-healing-marketing-strategy/. The advertisement praises their product, claiming it to be of superior quality compared to their competitors. They also cited a research report by Spectrix Analytical Services, which allegedly showed that most competitors' products contain low levels of fenbendazole. Happy Healing Store gave the impression that their product is of 101% purity.

3. It seems they were surprised to learn that Sanare Lab LTD was not afraid of their tests and we decided to conduct our own testing to verify or disprove their information. As we read their article, it became increasingly clear that their testing had nothing to do with the truth, and only indicated their poor command of Photoshop skills and ignorance of the situation as a whole. If someone wants to create a fake, it must look believable, and it is difficult to miss all the little things and details. 

To begin with, their fake test results would have been more believable if at least one analytical report, besides theirs, had shown a purity level of 90-99%. It appears that the company is so focused on making money that they forgot to do this and indicated a purity range of fenbendazole from 0.75% to 7.75% to all competing companies. 

Their Photoshop results were as follows: Fenben Lab - 7.05%; Panacur - 5.05%; Healthy drops - 0.75%; Sanare Lab LTD - 7.75%. It seems that the Happy Healing Store was too focused on the numbers 7 and 5, and forgot about the existence of other numbers.

4. Let’s analyze the fake in detail: when are the analytical reports dated? Fenben Lab - March 10, 2020 Panacur - March 20, 2020 Healthy Drops - March 11, 2020 Sanare Lab LTD - March 1, 2021  

Once again, we are witnessing an odd pattern of numbers: 10-2020, 11-2020, 1-2021, and 2-2021. It seems too coincidental, but one could argue that with Photoshop, any number can be manipulated to create a logical sequence.

5. It's important to note that the Happy Healing Store overlooked a crucial point: Sanare Lab LTD began selling fenbendazole in August 2021, which was five months prior to the appearance of the fake analytical report. This raises the question of what, exactly, the company had checked before starting sales. The answer is clear - they simply did not think things through when creating their fake report.

6. In all the fraudulent analytical reports issued by Happy Healing Store, the date of the report matches the date of the sample receipt. For instance, the Panacur sample was received on March 20, 2020, and the analytical report is dated the same day, implying that it took just a few hours to complete the study, which is impossible. Typically, a study takes several days to weeks, even in the most expedited manner. Therefore, the original analytical report by Spectrix Analytical Services for Sanare Lab LTD provides accurate information: the sample received date is September 19, 2022, and the report date is September 23, 2022.

7. The Happy Healing Store company's knowledge of Photoshop seems to be as low as their honor and conscience. They have used an identical Sample ID for the Sanare Lab company, with even the italics in two letters exactly matching. This suggests that they simply copied and pasted the Sample ID, highlighting their lack of originality and expertise.

8. In the original report, the middle column is titled "Purity,% at 215 nm" which indicates purity for UV detection. However, in the fake report, the column is simply labeled as "Purity, %" with no indication of the detection method used. This is confusing since the fake report specifies UV detection at 300 nm for Fenbendazole. It is also worth noting that while the real report correctly spells the name of the drug as "Fenbendazole", the fake report lists it as "Fenbendazol".

9. This column in the fake report looks very strange: Experimental Details: Mobile phase A: Water with 0.01% Formic acid Since the original report from Sanare Lab LTD states “Water with 0.1% Formic acid” We don’t know what could be causing the 10-fold decrease in water with formic acid

10. The original report had two pages, but Happy Healing Store only managed to create the first page as the second page contained complex graphs that were difficult to fabricate. As a result, they only published the first page, which allowed them to modify dates and numbers easily.

11. The column for the "Purity,%" is as pure as a teardrop from a skilled Photoshop developer. It reads 100%, which even excites the employees of Sigma and Aldrich who provide Fenbendazole with a minimum purity of 98%. The experimental details indicate that mobile phase A is water with 0.1% formic acid. Interestingly, fake reports from competitors show water with 0.01% formic acid. It should be noted that the reports from Happy Healing Store and Sanare Lab are marked confidential, but this label is not present on the fake reports from competitors.

After analyzing the situation, it becomes evident that Happy Healing Store lacks qualities such as decency, honor, conscience, and love for truth. The company seems to prioritize deception, lies, and fake products, which is unfortunate. Our company, on the other hand, believes in providing the best quality products at an affordable price without resorting to negative tactics against our competitors. We do not support any malicious propaganda directed towards Fenben LAB because we consider them to be decent and conscientious competitors. Our company is also a professional in the field and is ready to compete with them in the sales and product market.

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